Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Pioneer Trek

Ladybug and Miguel were able to participate in a Pioneer Trek to Martin's Cove this summer. What is that you say? It is an opportunity for them to dress like pioneers, and pull handcarts 20+ miles in Wyoming. Where is the joy in that? Well, it is a wonderful "Come to God" experience. Their testimonies grow, they learn to work together and help each other AND they gain a greater appreciation for the religious sacrifice of our ancestors. Now, I did have to hone my sewing skills for Ladybug's pioneer skirt (don't laugh), grandma made the apron and I BEGGED someone to make the Pioneer bonnet for me. See, I can delegate! Miguel, no sewing required...


  1. I have never actually wanted to do a trek myself. Way too hot and sunny for my taste. But people who go seem to think it is a marvelous experience.

  2. Awesome! I've never had the desire to do a trek. But I will probably make my kids do one. I'm a wicked mothership like that. =)


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