Monday, April 4, 2011

Off the Juice

Okay, so I've been off of my beloved Diet Cherry Coke for far too long. In fact, I'm so old, that I can't even count how long it has actually been. I no longer have the dreaded caffeine headaches! Yipee! But I still miss the cold, sweet, bubbly. Do you know what I mean? I am so freaking tired of water...

So here is my question to you? What can I drink that is not full of sweeteners, artificial sweeteners and caffeine? Any ideas, suggestions or recipes you can share? I plan on boiling some herbal tea then chilling it. Any others?


  1. I sometimes drink those Crystal Light water bottle additives. They are good, low in calories, and low in sugar.

  2. I drink the carbonated flavored water and add some Stevia to it. It has no sugars or caffeine in it. That is my solution for my bubbly cravings.

  3. Did you give up Diet Cherry Coke for Lent? LOL

    I drink Crystal Light - no carbs, no fat, no carbonation, no caffiene...BUT has either NutraSweet or Splenda in it. However, it is refreshing, comes in a bevy of favorite right now is Cherry Pomegranite.

    Good luck! Watch how much tea you is a dieuretic and can actually dehydrate you!


  4. I love water.

    You could always buy some nano greens or some other such very healthy (ok very very healthy) type of greens and mix them with the water. A little goes a long way and the kind I have has a nice minty flavor. It's not bad, and did I mention super healthy?

    Also, have you ever had mint water? I had some at the fair 2 years ago. It is delicious and so refreshing.

  5. I drink only tea. And yes, tea with caffeine is a diuretic but decaf or herbal tea isn't:)

  6. Debbie...I didn't realize that decaf tea or herbal is not a diuretic...THANKS! I like green tea and drink decaf, but have been limiting how much I I don't have to, I guess. Thanks for that tidbit!


  7. Crystal light pure is all natural, no artificial sweeteners, made with stevia. Add it to your water!


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