Monday, May 25, 2009

Playing Hookie

A few weeks ago we decided to play hookie from church and go on a day trip. It is hard for us to get away any other time with a working teenager who is obligated every Saturday. We didn't want to leave him behind. So please don't judge...
This is Shoshone Falls is in Twin Falls, ID. It's really important to try to see it in the spring as the water flow is so much higher. They say that more water passes over this waterfall than Niagra Falls. It was a rainy day, but when we got there the clouds opened up for a bit of sunshine.
I attended the church of nature that day.


  1. Well, it is part of my New Year's resolution to judge more, but I will make an exception for you. Sounds like a great day!

  2. I would play hookie too if it means spending some really quality time with my family. I think our family just might start doing something like that now that my three teens are having different schedules.

    You have a beautiful family and that scene is breath-taking.

  3. That last shot is pretty beautiful. We went last year, in the summer, and it was still amazing. Who ever would think that something like that would be in Idaho?

  4. That sounds like a wonderful day! Sometimes I think I get more out of "the church of nature"--


    It's moments like this that make me enjoy spending time with my family...I think it was great that you took the time to be together...

    besides, it's not like you're doing this every week--

  5. We are planning on going and seeing the Falls too! They look stunning in your pics!

    I am not surprised to see you there on a Sunday....after we ran into you at McD's that one time! Just kidding! :D


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