Wednesday, March 4, 2015

1001 Reasons to Love my Blog

Did you know over the weekend while I was composing posts, I hit the 1,001 blog posts marker.  Now that's a lot of diarrhea of the mouth or keyboard....I kid you not!  A lot has happened in our lives since October 2008 when I started this here little bloggy of mine.  And yet, here I am, the same person I was almost 7 years ago and 1001 posts ago.  I believe my writing has evolved and my style, but I'm still me. 

I'd like to share with you some of my favorite posts from over the years.  Don't worry, I won't be sharing all 1001 of them, you can thank me later. 

Revolving Doors and Footprints
Our Image of Self Worth
Definition of My Worth
Elusive Words
Toaster Babies
Christmas Letters of the Past
Bottles, Bibs and Diplomas
I Pressed Submit
My Epitaph
Thirty-Two Steps
Thirty-Two Steps Continued

I can't hit a writing home run with every post, 
but these are my standout favorites, 
hands down, no questions asked... 

What have you learned about me or from me over the last 6  1/2 years?

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Dimming Light and Feeling Loved

I am sitting here in the dimming light on a Friday night alone in our house.  It is quiet all except the ticking of the big clock upstairs.  My house is noticeably empty, the boys have moved out and KT is in Japan and sweet Ladybug is at her first High school dance and my house is empty and I am so very, very lonely.  It wasn't so long ago that my house burst at the seams with energy and people and vitality and there were moments where I longed for silence.  And now I have it,  yet I find myself longing for those other moments.  The peace and solitude is not all I'd thought it would be...

But after I have written this and curled up with a blanket and Hallmark movies, there is a knock at the door.  TJ has stopped by to check on me...thought I might be lonely.  Isn't it interesting how Heavenly Father knows exactly what we need when we need it.  At this moment, I felt so very, very loved. 

When have you felt loved this week?

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Secrets, KT and Japan

Okay, I've got something I've been sitting on for a while, a secret of sorts.  My husband has been in Japan for veritably almost the whole month of February.  I didn't share this online here, and he was even forbidden from posting on Facebook...posts and pictures from Japan.  Let's face it, sometimes the online world isn't safe, and posting that I'm home alone for a month with my cute 16 year old daughter would just be downright stupid.  But, I am happy to say,  KT has returned, or he will later today. 

I have had a taste of single parenthood and truth be told...I DON'T LIKE IT.  No thank you!  A week here or there for a business trip...fine but the 20 days?  Heck no!  AND, he was able to come home a day early which in and of itself feels like a tremendous blessing.  But let's look at the month of February in review, shall we, and see what he has missed:

Valentine's Day
Shopping for Groomsmen clothes
Sampling the banquet menu for the after wedding luncheon
New Beginnings for Ladybug at Church
The funeral of a friend's son
Ladybug's first HS Dance (she looked lovely, by the way)

I'll be sure to blog on a few of these, for KT, yeah buddy, you missed some stuff, and we missed you! 

What do you think of business trips and travel and long separations? 

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Life Lesson and a Nap

Sunday I slept.  I mean really slept.  Curled up in blankets for a nice long nap.  For someone who is an anti napite, this is nothing to take lightly.  Sunday morning, I had a church meeting at 7:30 am for leadership.  I'm in leadership.  That is a weird thing to say, because I really just want to be that girl who sits back and gets asked to do things here and there.  I don't think I'm a leader, I don't feel like a leader, and quite frankly, sometimes I don't want to be a leader.  It really is an uncomfortable thing that is causing me to stretch and grow in ways I'm not accustomed to.  But, He has called me, and I'll do the best I can.

KT say the reason I slept  was because of stress.  I am kind of overwhelmed lately.  This leadership thing, working full time, wedding plans, and I'm maybe sort of am single parenting it (but I'll explain more on that later). 

Sometimes life just gets hard, and I've learned a valuable lesson:


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Monday, February 23, 2015

When a light goes out and Suicide

On Friday, I went to a funeral for the most amazing young man.  He was 21 and he cut his life far too short.  A bright candle went out that day...Watching my friend, I see her husband holding her elbow, guiding her, quite literally holding her up.  I wonder how she is still standing.  I can't imagine the pain and anguish they are going through.  My heart grieves with them.  She was dignified and gracious and I know she was being held up by our Father in this tough moment of her life.

I find comfort in the words of one of my Church leaders.
I feel that judgment for sin is not always as cut-and-dried as some of us seem to think. The Lord said, “Thou shalt not kill.” Does that mean that every person who kills will be condemned, no matter the circumstances? Civil law recognizes that there are gradations in this matter—from accidental manslaughter to self-defense to first-degree murder. I feel that the Lord also recognizes differences in intent and circumstances: Was the person who took his life mentally ill? Was he or she so deeply depressed as to be unbalanced or otherwise emotionally disturbed? Was the suicide a tragic, pitiful call for help that went unheeded too long or progressed faster than the victim intended? Did he or she somehow not understand the seriousness of the act? Was he or she suffering from a chemical imbalance that led to despair and a loss of self-control. 
Obviously, we do not know the full circumstances surrounding every suicide. Only the Lord knows all the details, and he it is who will judge our actions here on earth.
When he does judge us, I feel he will take all things into consideration:   our genetic and chemical makeup, our mental state, our intellectual capacity, the teachings we have received, the traditions of our fathers, our health, and so forth. ~M. Russell Ballard
It is so comforting to know that He knows everything we are going through and judgement is left to Him and Him alone.

It's important to reach out to others, to treat them with kindness and love.  You never know what someone is going through.  Your simple attention and kindness might just be the thing they needed.   One light has gone out, but lets share the light with another.

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