Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Turn Toward the Light – The Son

Remember when I wrote about turning toward the sun and my obsession with light? 

Well, as I turn toward Him and give my devotion and focus to Him, my heart warms like the sun outside warming my skin in the most delightful way.  When I spend time with Him, when I turn toward the Son, praying, reading and pondering on the scriptures I feel so close to Him that my heart warms.  It’s a weird phenomenon really. 

But likewise, when I pull away…I can do it myself or sadly just too busy to spend time with Him, I feel that withdrawal.  It’s a cold dark place not basking in His life giving light.  Just like the thick inversion outside my window, I can often feel a thick inversion in my heart.  I know this is something that can be completely avoided.  I know how to prevent it like a spiritual inoculation. 

I just have to remember…

I have to remember Him….

I have to let Him in...

How do you avoid the thick inversions of the heart? 

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Writers, Reviews and Comments

Not so long ago I fancied myself a writer.  I felt inspired at odd times of the day and words would just flow from my fingertips.  From the inspiring to the snarky, I was in my writer/blogger element.  When life gets hard, creativity seems to take a back seat in my world.  I bagged writing and blogging for a while.  I’m trying to get back in my groove, fake it till you make it, but I don’t really feel like my posts have much substance.  They’re not meaty enough to attract the avid reader/blog follower.  What I have to share is ‘eh’ or at least I think so based on the lack of responses. 

Once upon a time I thought I didn’t care…I write for me.  I record for me.  But the thing is, just as writers are driven by their critiques and reviews, so are bloggers driven by comments.  In the last few months since my disappearance then reemergence in the blogging world, the commenters disappeared.  At one point, I would get 15-20 comments on a post and now mostly it’s a big goose egg.  Is the time of blogging come to an end or are blogs moving in a different direction? 

It was brought to my attention that I might need to move in to the “now”…embracing twitter, Instagram, google+ and facebook to pimp my posts.  But I don’t have time for that…it’s sad really.  Now that I’ve been on my pity pot, please share with me ways that you are able to drive traffic to your blog and encourage comments.

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Friday, January 16, 2015


"As the Father hath loved me, 
so have I loved you:
continue ye in my love."

John 15:9

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Turn Toward the Light

Warm sunlight on my skin, turning my face toward the light, I feel the heat on my cheeks and eyelids.  I love the sun.  I'm a worshipper of sorts...with sunscreen, of course.  I can't get enough of it and soak up every bit I can in the spring and summer.  My home has to have lots of windows to let that sweet sunshine in.  It rules me and warms my soul.  I have a sing in my home that says "Live in the Sunshine" because that's important to me.  I should live at the beach, just sayin', all those sweet, warm rays...all...the...time.  But, I live in Idaho, and in the winter that means INVERSION.  It's like living in this dark clouded blanket.  Misty darkness even in the bright of day.  I haven't seen the sun in a week, and I'm feeling it.  There is one beautiful point, though, in all the freezing cold foggy inversion, and that is the beauty it creates on the trees.

This wintery frosty, Christmasy goodness is lingering on in nature.  I don't mind this beauty, but CAUTION, don't slip.

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Being a Man About it...

We operated on faith in sending Miguel to Rexburg with a car.  You see, he didn't have parking for it...and was on a waitlist.  We were really worried, I mean if the car got towed, we'd probably have to drive the 4.5 hours to get it out of car jail because it's in our name.  It was a sketchy few days of moving the car around to different places at night so as not to get booted.  He finally got parking!  It's not where he lives, but it is covered parking...


Need I say more?  Feeling very blessed and grateful that Miguel was a man about it and took care of business.  

It's really the simple things in life, you know?

What are you grateful for today?

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