Monday, February 17, 2014

Get on your knees, Get the help of God, Get up, and Go. {Miguel's Missionary Moment}

February 3, 2014

So this week has been kind of slow with Tuesday and Wednesday being snowy and icy.   Basically, all of our appointments for the week fell through because of the weather. But most of them rescheduled.  Jon, our top investigator, dropped us. She came out and said that she wouldn't come to church and wouldn't be baptized and isn't interested in us coming anymore.  It was a complete surprise. She was going to invite her Chinese speaking husband to meet with us and the member that spoke Chinese, but I think he made her stop meeting with us. Another lady named Laura, was an investigator in the past, we started teaching her. We challenged her to pray about what we taught and we stopped by and she said she got an answer but wouldn't tell us her answer. Instead she just talked about how if what we share is true than it changes everything. I felt so strongly she got a yes it was true.

We built this sweet snow man and some little black kid jacked it.  I saw him with it and I walked up and was like "That's a nice snow man did you make it?" and he was like "yeah I did" then I was like "Are you sure?", and he is like "well my friend mostly made it but I helped", and I was like "are you sure?", then he was like "my friend made it."  I was like "bro this is my snowman!" It was sooooooo funny. but that's all I got!!!

Elder Hamer!

Get on your knees, Get the help of God, Get up, and Go."
(Miguel's special message to me above)

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