Tuesday, September 10, 2013

For Love of Journals and {MMB}

I missed another article going live...OOPS, seriously, I feel so out of the loop.  This article of mine posted last Friday, September 6.  Below is a teaser...
"A life that is not documented is a life that within a generation or two will largely be lost to memory. What a tragedy this can be in the history of a family. Knowledge of our ancestors shapes us and instills within us values that give direction and meaning to our lives." 

~Elder Dennis B. Neuenschwander~

My article about journals and my excitement for them can be found on MMB.
Please stop by and take a look.  

**As always I appreciate your comments and support**


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  1. I think I already commented on the MMB page. Great read and got me thinking...

  2. I love journaling. Heading over to read your article.


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