Sunday, October 23, 2011

Prayers for my Air Force Man

This is my Military Baby. Isn't he cute? He needs some prayers. Nothing serious really, or maybe I need the prayers. My baby was supposed to be coming home in November for 30 days of leave before his next duty station, but he has not yet received any orders. If the Air Force delays giving him orders, he can't come home. So, since I need some time with my baby, you think you could help pray for those orders? Maybe if we all pray and wish really, really hard, it will come true. Just a thought...


  1. Ain't that just like the Air Force!?! (I'm allowed to say that since I was a BRAT the first 21 years of my life.)

    Prayers for you.

  2. Ahh the military only knows one speed. SUPER SLOW! I'm crossing my fingers that his orders come quickly.


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