Monday, September 27, 2010

2busy Chronicles Take 2

This car has been breaking down a lot.

I've complained about it here and many times on facebook.

With this one down for repairs and 
above mini van's whole start-a-bility in question...

I bought a new car, but not before the van broke down in the dealership parking lot on trade in.  Really?  Yes, that really happens!  They were ready to drive it and check it out.  We eventually got it going after about an hour and they offered us $500 less than we asked.  Done!

I am the proud owner of one of these, or well, the bank is for now...Yes, I know it's orange, but I really wanted an Orange bug.  I really dig the two tone black roof and orange body...
I drove an Orange Rabbit in High School.  It just fits...
Besides, I'm a Denver Bronco and Boise State Fan through and through...


  1. You are the second person I know who has purchased a bug within the last month. They are such cute cars. Love the color, too!

  2. Love the you and does remind me of your rabbit (which I sooo envied)! The one good thing about your kids getting older and driving on their own is that you get to drive something smaller (and not a van). When I bought my Edge, I really wanted the orange, but couldn't find one for sale. :( I love reading your blog...even though I don't always post...I am still reading!

  3. I'm glad you got a new car. And of course you're van would break down in the dealership parking lot. That only makes sense right?


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