Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Country Girl

In my mind, I am a country singer. I have long beautiful hair, am cute and dance around on the stage with all the confidence in the world, (my voice is perfect too). I would look like this:

 I would have the money to go with it! I would have tons of cute clothes, a huge house, a gorgeous, sporty car and everyone loves me. Now I know this unrealistic, remember it's in my mind. In reality, I could never sing that well or have the confidence to do it. So in light of that, the money that would go with it will never happen either. Not everyone loves me. That's a stretch! (I'm too opinionated)...Maybe I could really just be happy with the boots. I can do the boots. That's more realistic. I hereby am on a quest for the perfect pair of cowboy boots. They could look like this:

I'll let you know when I find them. I'll be dancing around the living room in them and singing with the windows tightly closed. (I think I watch too much CMT)

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  1. Lisa,
    In high school I would never have pegged you as a country music and genre lover. I love it! I love country music also, it tells a story, its fun to sing to and doesn't include screaming! I call my teenagers music "screamo music"- I think I'm getting old :) I miss you, I wish we lived closer, it would be fun to do an occaisional girls night out!


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